Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things Have Been Hectic

Well, my life has been total chaos since mid December. My boss has been very ill. I've been alone at the office. He is retiring the 31st of this month. I'll be starting a new job on April 1st.

I haven't been riding my horses. By the time I finish at the office I'm beat. I've been keeping up with a few of my lessons, so any free time I have tends to go to the students, and their horses.

They have certainly stepped up to help me out with feeding and cleaning. Another old student is coming back soon and says she is more than happy to help pick up the slack. Hallelujah. She is the one that was thinking of taking Top for the winter.

That's Top in the picture. I haven't been on him since early January. Figured it was better to leave his fragile self alone, rather than go erratic on him. Too hard for him when there isn't a routine. I'm going to try and move him home in April. It will make it much easier to have all the horses in one location.

My next Top goal is to take him down the beach. I figure after a couple weeks of consistent riding, he ought to do well. I'll take him with a safe sane horse and rider. I really really don't want Top running loose on the beach if I come off. lol That would be awful. I don't think he'd be an easy catch. I think he'd lose his little mind and run in a panic.

So, hopefully I will be posting more regularly soon. Once I have some sort of real schedule it should be easier to ride, post on my blog and breathe. lol