Saturday, August 21, 2010

Checking In

Whoa, is my Cami horse fat or what? I swear she has cellulite on her butt. Hey I knew she was tubby, but DANG. Do you think photos put 100lbs on a horse if they put 10lbs on us? She is fine boned, but her legs look like toothpicks in comparison to the girth.

Her weight of course has nothing to do with my schedule. I'm blaming it on the pasture. Look at that field they are walking through. It rained late into the season, and never really got hot enough to crisp the grass. It just kept growing.

Iris the Virus is so fat she waddles. Seriously. She's kind of a short backed mare with a big barrel anyway...but she is turning her stifle joints out a little to get around her gut. She and Maisa are back together in the field so they are slimming down some. They play. Especially fun is tag, or I run at you, then you run at me, and we'll both buck and run off again woohoo woohoo. They are just goofy. I've taken to calling Cami, Maisa and Iris 'The Three Stooges'. All grass and no work makes for goofy horses. They careen around, bounce off each other and freeze and stare at me like, "Hey are we going to go do something?"

Iris resembles a 'Thelwell Pony'...I swear to god. One day when I went out to catch her, she dropped her head, looking at me out of the tops of her eyes. It was a straight on shot. Have you ever seen the tee-shirt with the pony, and the script says, "I can only please one person a day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good either." Well that would be Iris.

It has been pretty hectic since December 15th. I hope things have leveled out to just mildly insane and I can do more with my horses, and post more often. We'll see. lol