Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cat's Still Lame

Took Cat to the vet today. She has been off since I got her home. It would look a little better, then she'd be off again. She's not lame at the walk anymore, but the trot is painful to watch. Lame on both front.

So, off to the vet. This isn't fixing itself with time, and rest. My vet appointment was at 11:30. I was hauling in a student's horse, and was going to take Cami for her re-check on lepto so they could pull blood and see where she's at. Cat trumped Cami.

I went into the office to check in and let them know we were there. I told the vet assistant the change in plans. She said she didn't know if Dr. C had time for a full lameness exam. I said that was fine. I wanted him to check a bump on her back that hadn't been there previously, and that she was lame at the walk. Vet Asst..."Oh, he'll check her out."

So, my vet has me trot her away from him, turn at the trot and come back. As I started the turn I could see the bob out of the corner of my eye, and heard the unevenness of gait. It sounded bad. Much worse on pavement than in the pasture. (Great I'm's bone or joint).

He has me bring her back, and picks up her leg and starts palpating tendons, ligaments etc.. Then he looks at the sole of her foot, pokes around on it. He walks off...saying nothing (typical Dr. C) and comes back with some hoof testers. She's tender to the pressure. I'm thinking "Hallelujah it's an abscess." (Kind of sad when you're ecstatic over a possibility of an abscess). He must have been thinking it was more. He probed around with a hoof knife, looking for soft spots etc. Nothing really.

Off he goes again, as he's walking away he looks back and says, "Well, bring her inside." (the 'ya moron' was silent lol). So he pulls a syringe of p....caine something. To block her hoof. We wait for the block to take effect, and then trot her out again. Little to no improvement. (Well SHIT!) Not an abscess. We go to the next level, block a little higher. Takes in most of the fetlock. She looked pretty good after this block. However she was still off on her right, and once the left was blocked she showed up lame traveling straight on the right, not just on a turn.

We head back in for Xrays. He does four on the left front.

Compression to the joint, some synovial fluid loss, some cartilidge damage. He figures the same thing is happening in the right front also. He did say it wasn't advanced, and that she should recover with time and meds. I told him her barrelracing days were done. He said he figured we could get her back to where she had been, but it wasn't a bad idea to pull her for good. She'll be a fine riding horse. No need to run for a living anymore. Hell, my girl is 17...good enough. I enjoy just hanging out and riding her. Why take the risk, she's a freaken pet that happened to have talent. I haven't decided whether to tell my friend that was running her, and dropped her off lame, what is going on. I'd probably have trouble being polite at this moment.

So, Cat got an IV injection of Legend. She'll go back for another in a week. Each shot is $100 plus the office call. We are considering combining it with Adequan (series of 4 to 8 at $50 a shot every four days) it's intramuscular. She'll be on a gram of bute a day for twelve days. She's confined to the 100 x 130' pen, which is where I put her to begin with. Some nutraceuticals...I think I'm going with the GLC 5000. My vet bill today was $382.


nccatnip said...

I am so sorry to hear this, I am a big Cat fan.
I guess it could be worse and I am sure you will get her through this but the whole thing just sucks.

Ever thought of magnet therapy for some supportive medicine? It was becoming very popular in the later end of my girls involvement in barrel racing.

GoLightly said...

So sorry to hear this, HP.

Vet bill could have been worse too, I guess.

Thank goodness she's in your loving care again.

To Cat's Paws.

blueheron said...

I was so hoping it was an abcess. I'm very glad Dr. C. think's she'll be okay.
You have more self control than I on this. I'd already have had a "come to Jesus" talk with whoever used her. No wonder Cat was being so difficult for her, and unmanageable. She was trying to tell her how much she hurt, but nothing worked, so she finally made riding so miserable that the woman stopped. That's my theory, anyway.
Keep us posted on her progress, when you can, please.

fernvalley01 said...

Sorry about you good horse , glad you can manage it though and she will be sound again . As far as the individual that used her and brought her back lame, give me her # I know I won't be polite or nice about it .How dare she?

secondwindacres said...

horspoor, I'm very sorry too. I wonder how the person who was using her could be so dense to miss this. I am very happy that Cat will enjoy being a riding horse and hanging out having fun after her recovery/maintenence gets going. That is the bright side if there is one to be found for you and Cat. Almost $400 is never easy to part with, but I thought your vet bill was surprisingly low. :) The injections and meds to come are going to add up 'tho, that's for shizzle! I am adding a prayer for Cat in my nightly talk with the Big Guy.

horspoor said...

I spoke to her a couple weeks ago and said Cat was lame. She said she couldn't believe it. I said she came home lame at the walk. I don't think she noticed.

Big red that was running in the 1D suddenly drops to 3D...hmmm? Doesn't want to be caught. Jigs and fusses under saddle. Gets worried and is explosive, can't seem to think when ridden. HMMM....ya think some sort of little flickering light at least would have come on.

I ran into another friend at the arena when I took Cat up to see what was going on. She seemed okay at the walk, as soon as I went to was "oh shit, we're done." Lets just stand here.

So, she asks, "Cat's sound?" Me, "Nope, she looked a little short on the lunge, seemed to warm out of at the trot."

Her take on this, "Ever heard the term ride it like you stole it?" Very pointed look at me.
(Something I said to her years ago). She said, "Well, she actually did...made her money got a nice horse to run, and dumped her off when she was done. Do we need to mark this on your calendar in case you ever think of doing something like this again?"

Nice friend, huh? lol She's right, but the truth hurts.

GoLightly said...

ouch, ouch.

You never know, do you:(

Poor honest red mare.
People can be such shitz.

nccatnip said...

You are a better person than I.
I would have some choice words for that girl.

kestrel said...

Oh man, some people. That's not a friend, that's a user. I've had my share of them also, but it still never fails to amaze me how low some people will go.

Andalusians of Grandeur said...

Hey, Hp. I'm really sorry about your mare. I've gotten that call from someone who was riding one of mine. It's infuriating when you entrust something to someone and they don't give a damn. Too bad the red mare didn't toss her for good measure.
PS Do you have access to arabian datasource? I'm looking for a mare named Deerpark Delight. I'm not sure if it's Deerpark or the words are separated, and I'm not sure about the spelling on Delight. She was probably born in the 70's. I'd register, but I'm really broke now. That's terrible about the cost of the meds; too bad a certain person couldn't be coersed into chipping in.

Dena said...

HP I thought about this for some time now.
And here is what I am going to say.

I think all of us who have children have at some time in our lives had a friend who said, "Can I take them to the zoo or a movie?"

If, that person who you trusted with something very special to you had brought your son back in the condition that Cat was returned?

You would not be having a tough time either finding your tongue or wondering how to address the issue.

So, as it is not my business. But you did invite commentary.

Ask yourself why you allowed that person to abuse your trust, your horse, and your bank account?
And I have every faith that you will come up with your answer as to how to proceed.

If, there is any lingering confusion? A friend would never have done such a thing.


horspoor said...

I have spoken to the woman. She says she wasn't lame, or she didn't know she was lame. She said, "If I'd known she was lame, I'd of never brought her back. I'd of waited until she was sound." So...yeah probably not a great friend...or incredibly stupid.

Your assumption that I don't have the ability to find my tongue is incorrect. I have a hard time holding it. What would you suggest I do...nut up, cuss her out, drive by her home, harrass her? What will any of those things accomplish? I've told her the mare came home lame. She denies any knowledge of the mare being lame.

I figure, once I get back the rest of Cat's things...I cut my losses, call it done.

What would you do? And the comment 'you did invite commentary' was a somewhat passive agressive dig, that once again has me holding my tongue.

horspoor said...

AofG...I did a seach...just typed in Deer...and got quite a few listings for horses that's names started with Deer...but none with Park or Delight.

I also tried it under Dear..still nothing. Do you have any other information?

blueheron said...

When she responded the way you quoted her, I was just floored, because I thought about how you or I would respond, if a horse we were using turned up lame... I'd be there, as soon as possible, to see the horse, see what I could do, help out in whatever way I could. I'd bend over backwards, because I'd feel so bad. I'd be checking up on her, I'd have been at the vet's... I think you would to.

Of course, I believe you would have noticed she was lame long before it got to the point where she was miserable. Again, I'm just floored. Not what I expected from this person.

There's no excuse, and she better bring back Cat's clothes. And what about that saddle Cat won?

horspoor said...

Who knows. I don't think she's going to help. I don't think any of the money or saddles, what have you Cat won were used to maintain Cat.

As my other friend said, she didn't care. She, "Rode her like she stole her." Pretty much all there is to it.

kestrel said...

Is Cat doing better? Hope so!

horspoor said...

She had a legend shot last Saturday, and gets a gram of bute once a day. She looks better, not 100%, but better. At least she is more comfortable.

I need to pick up a Legend shot to give her on Saturday, as they will be closed. I really hate giving shots anymore. lol Esp IV. So, this is the 2nd of 3 shots. I may add Adequan into the mix. That will be 4 to 8 shots, spaced 4 days apart.

Dena said...

HP while it was passive agressive it was not meant to be hurtful.
Therefore, not a dig.

It was more of a question. But not my business to ask.
I am neither asking or demanding a response, but here is the question anyhow.

"Why"? Why did you entrust Cat to someone who is not a friend and not check up on her?
I swear to you I am not being antagonistic or blaming. More in the way of, "Is everything okay with you"?

With all the threads we have all been on and everything you learned about what Laptop went through. And my own belief that you are a savvy and responsible person with above average knowledge, I was wondering more if you were okay.

I took 3 days trying to find the words to not demand or pry. Looks like I failed.
Upsetting you further was not my intent.

horspoor said...

I had been checking in, and checking on her. This went bad like this in about one month. Hard to believe, but it's the truth. She went from the 1d to the 3d in a month. And she started to drop weight in that month. I asked her what was going on. She said they'd been going to quite a few races, and had been winning. But that Cat was becoming unmanageable and didn't want to be caught etc...

I said just bring her home. She said, that maybe we should start meeting at the arena to see what was going it had to be the horse. (don't you know, it's always the horse). Which was a red flag for me. I said she should just come home. So, when other stuff came up in her life at this same time, she brought her home.

I really don't know if she knew she was lame. Hard to believe anyone could be that blind. I was talking with Elaine, and she said she really doesn't think this person gets it or can really tell. She's done with her. Over it. And Elaine has known her since she was a little kid. Kind of sad.

I hadn't seen Cat in a little over 3 weeks. I know I'm responsible, wasn't playing the victim here. I just didn't realize it would degenerate so quickly. I have known this person since the late 80's...this really did blindside me.

Andalusians of Grandeur said...

Hi, Hp. Hope Cat starts feeling better with the meds on board. Three weeks is hardly any time, so I don't blame you for being shocked. I think this mare I am searching for is a granddaughter of Commet. (hope that's spelled right) She was born around 1975 and was trained as a cutter in her younger days. I wish I knew more; I'm trying to find out what became of her for a friend who used to own her.

Dena said...

HP I was not blaming you either. And you really aren't the victim type. No offense. Cat or any horse could have been injured in just one workout or run. That isn't your fault.

The world is filled with people who act and then think. It just seems that people have been more subdued of late.
You know what I mean?

And that is why I wondered if you were okay.
And aside from the situation with Cat you still haven't answered that.
I know I am a persistent thing.

So I will spell it out. Are YOU okay?

Dena said...

AofG Good to see you there/here oh hell you know what I mean.

horspoor said...

There is just a lot on my plate right now. I'm tired to the bone. Irritated with different situations and people in my life...and I really don't tend to nut up on anyone...and I'm heading there fast.

Perhaps I'll write about my feedstore? How about the pyscho bitch that rented the stall next to mine in town that took it upon herself to move Top into someone's pen, and hits him in the face when she thinks no one is around? (I'm laying for her, she's in for a huge surprise). What needs to be done on my house vs what I can afford? How the kid I paid for landscaping took the money, and didn't do the job? The list goes on, but it's just irritating too look at it. Don't dwell on what you can't fix...move on do something else.

Dena said...

HP you could get a mini surveillance cam and then it would be justifiable homicide.

Or you could let her know that you will have her featured on fhotd.
We all know h0ow unpleasant that can be.

Or you tell her that you are a member of a radical animal lover group comprised of mostly menopausal redheads who now have her information and know where to find her.

No seriously, I am sorry you are getting leveled with this much shit.
Perhaps, simply informing her that if she touches your(I hate to use this word for living creatures)property again you will call law enforcement and have her charged.
As well as, contacting AC about her abusing your horse.

People can be such deviant pieces of crap sometimes.
Dare I ask what happened at the feedstore?

horspoor said...

Got hosed by my feedstore for $173 last year. Got some bad hay this year, about a 20% loss, went in twice, called twice...girls never told the boss. So I get to eat it on that loss. So, I ended up paying $5000 for my winter hay...really frustrating.

Then I went in to buy some more hay on Saturday...they double charged my account. Somehow this was my fault. Bookkeeper was extremely rude, somehow I'm the rude one. I just don't get it.

I'm shopping hay. Going through another vender this year.

horspoor said...

So it broke down to approx $1000 per horse, for 6 months. Nice, don't you think? And that's just hay alone.

blueheron said...

Insert knife into solar plexus, twist, grimace.

With the economy the way it is, it does not do well to tick off customers or treat them crappy. And when it is a customer like you, who has many clients and knows half of the county, it's real stupid. Word travels fast.

horspoor said...

True. I have the letter I'm sending them sitting on my desk. Jim asks, what's this? That guy is Wes' best friend's son in law...oh the word will be travelling. And now not just horse people...the business community.

Because of course, Jim sees the letter, picks up and reads the letter, and says...."This is bullshit, I was sitting right here when you spoke to that woman." Allrighty. lol

blueheron said...

Glad Jim's got your back on this one. The hay guy definitely ignored the right person... if he wants to lose some business. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

horspoor said...

OH, he does enough business that me and mine wont make much of a difference to him.

horspoor said...

I just thought of something, that I don't think many of you have made the connection on regarding this story, of Cat and her lameness etc.

Do you remember the friend that came to support me when I had to put Shad and Leggs down on the same day. The one who stayed and dealt with it when I started to fall apart and had to leave...this is that friend.

Makes the case for 'clueless' more than mercenary, doesn't it?

blueheron said...

Goes to show you, one good or bad action does not define the totality of a person. We are all complex and idiosyncratic, indeed. Everyone has good qualities and less than good qualities. Isn't she also the daughter of your good friend, who you've told many stories about, including how you met Elaine? No, it isn't an easy call. Don't envy you on this one.

Dena said...

Thanks HP. That was essentially what I was getting at.

The WHY.

It makes so much more sense now. Still sucks but the person isn't a complete shit.
It wasn't my business. But it was obvious that some part of this besides the obvious had you twisted.
So, in answer to what you should do?
I think you are doing it.
But can we at least mess with the feedstore guy a little?:)

nccatnip said...

HP- how is Cat feeling now? Better I hope.

horspoor said...

She seems to being doing pretty good NCC...still have another Legend shot. Then I guess I'll know more where I'm at with her.

When my vet hints at breeding the mare, it's not good. It means she'll be down for awhile. He did say, he thought we could get her back to where she was. It's just not going to be cheap, and it's going to mean more 'maitenance' injections down the road.

GoLightly said...

(whistling as I stoke the fire)

anybody seen pictures?
I heard there were pictures coming, from a thingy-dingy-scanning thingy?

(looks around for kindling)