Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pre-Lesson Sunday

Well, since he kept his feet on the ground the day before I was feeling much better about things. He loaded well on Sunday. I wasn't sure how he'd do getting in after working and hauling the day before. Not a problem. Seems like the more he hauls, the better he does. I really have to work that into my schedule.

It was shaping up to be a chaotic day. I had to bring Daf to town. I had two lessons in town, before I needed to head up the hill to Carrie's. And then after Carries go pick up two more horses to bring to town.

One student was riding a clients horse. Vandy. Terribly cute, very round Vandy. Vandy was a maniac on the lunge. Holycow. He leaped in the air, he jumped he bucked and scooted along at what would be lightspeed for Vandy. I hollered at him as the student was lunging him. He slowed down and gave me the stink eye as he trotted by. Yeah, the 'fun-killer' had arrived. lol So, he had to get his yah-yahs out both directions apparently. Once he was done the kid got on. I'm thinking...well she'll be riding today. Nope. Vandy was over it. Done. Can't move at more than a shuffle, trot was a jog. He was grunting and complaining as only Vandy can and dying on the vine. I say, "Push him up. You look like you're headed to a funeral. Lets see a little oomph in his gait." Nope, no go.

I end up getting on to see what is going on. I ask him to go. He dogs it. I give him a squeeze...he grunts at me, but no more forward than before. I kick him...he does a little shuffling jog. GAAK! I have no whip with me, other than the lunge. I ride him over to the rail...and get the lunge whip. He's like...'eh no big guess were done, and we're going home.' (I've carried whips, and lines and reins on him before...he's pretty used to the routine. Yeah, I'm lazy. He can carry me and the equipment home).

I tap him with the lunge whip. Well, I felt him gather himself a little...so I give a squeeze and nothing. So, I swat him with the whip. Oh my goodness...he could suddenly engage and go the the bit. It's a miracle ladies and gentlemen...he's cured. Hallelujah, can I have an Amen. He didn't even grunt for awhile. lol I realize that Vandy is wider than Top. Vandy is a hand shorter than Top. I'd done something to my right calf the day before...now riding Vandy it cramped up. That's Vandy in the picture. See, Vandy Pants is terribly cute.

I hurry off Vandy, and go grab Top. Top loads well and off to Carries we go.


fernvalley01 said...

Vandy is a handsome dude! From soup to nuts huh? sometimes it seems we have a horse with no go and the next one no whoa!lol

horspoor said...

Vandy is not ambitious. BH loves him. When she comes to town she always says, "I'll ride Vandy." lol

GoLightly said...

Oh, how could you HP??
He'd wore his poor fat self clean out.
I love the grunting groaning.

uhgggghhh, I'm SO tired !!!!

Oh, you mean it.


blueheron said...

Vandy! Yeah, I like Vandy. He's a character. The first time I heard him grunting his way around the lunge circle, I thought something was seriously wrong with him. It's like a protesting engine on a train, chugging around the circle. He's a lot of fun.
I'll be down in 4 weeks. I'll ride Vandy!! lol

horspoor said...

I had one woman out there trying to tell me Vandy's wind was broken, or that he was a roarer. I said no, he's just a sniveler. If you are grunting while I hook the lungeline on...I don't think you're a roarer, and I seriously doubt anyone has ever worked Vandy to the point of windbroke, whatever the hell that really is. I've heard so many explanations over the years I don't know what it is. He'll even look back at you as you get on and give you a little grunty speech.

fernvalley01 said...

Hp I rode a horse that had been winded ( though they dsay it was due to over anesthesia) and at a wlk and trot fine , but at a lope , think Darth Vader! seemed other than noisy to tolerate light work but definitly had me pulling up short!

horspoor said...

Yeah Vandy does this when you are tacking him up, or leading him. Or he's telling you how awful this is. lol Actually he rarely does it at the canter, especially if he's past the canter into a gallop.

blueheron said...

It really does seem to be a learned expression of exasperation. I wonder if he got away with not working, when he did it, so he figured it out? He's not dumb. I'm thinking when "the girls" were training him, maybe they taught him to be a snorty pig. lol.