Monday, August 3, 2009

Feeding Time with Top

Whew, long weekend. Only got half of what I planned done. Top got neglected. He stood in his pen, and watched the goings on at the stables. There was a gymkhana there, I swear he thinks it is horsey tv. It is all for his entertainment.

He has finally stopped freaking out over the 'humming woman' at the barn. He couldn't see her, but he could hear her humming and singing. He couldn't figure out what the hell it was, and would start running and leaping in his pen if she hummed for more than 5 minutes. He has now seen her, as she's humming. Huge light bulb moment for Top. Now he just listens, and waits to see if he can see her. She is very interesting to him. One of my students pointed this out to me.

My plan is to ride him after work today. Hopefully he keeps his little feetsies on the ground. He's been pretty darn good. Only little moments.

Last night he was being a jerk to the filly in the pen next to him. He got his hay, his beetpulp, and ricebran with his supplements. She is quietly eating her hay. He slings his head in her direction..big snaky frown at her. She ignores him (I love this filly). So then he takes a dive at the panel that separates them, she looks at him sleepy eyed chewing her hay. Now he's pissed. She's ignoring him. She should be fearful, and very impressed. Oh...but his bucket of food is waiting. So he stuffs his head in the bucket and bucks and kicks out behind while he eats. Occasionally will pull his head out of the bucket, frown at her, and kick again.

He takes a dive at her again, and the filly bless her soul...steps toward him, just out of reach. I swear she was going, "Neener, neener,'re big and stupid." Evil little Skipper W bred filly. I think she may be a keeper for my friend that bred her.

I tell Top to knock it off. He makes one more pass. I lean over and pick up a couple rocks. He quits. I swear the goober saw me pick up the rocks and quit. I have never thrown rocks at him, but I was going to. He stood there quietly eating. I watched for about five minutes. All was quiet. So, I dropped my rocks, and started to turn to walk away. Bastard, moved like greased lightening to spin and frown at that filly again. Maybe Top isn't as stupid as I think? My student is cracking up. She says, "I can't believe he waited for you to drop the rocks." Crap, now even a dumb-blood is out thinking me. I tell you, I'm slipping.


twhlady said...

That is hilarious. I really do think that they notice more than us. They just know when we are watching and they might get in trouble. They always wait till you turn or look away to do something goofy or stupid. My TWH gelding is a big goofball who takes any chance to try chasing a tractor while on the lunge line. I actually had to brace for impact on the lunge line one time because he took off straight for a tractor while I was adjusting my boot(sock slipping). I had him where I could see his front hooves and then as I was adjusting the sock without the lungeline in hand he took off. I didn't know I could stand up and brace that quickly.

GoLightly said...

Zee dumb-bloods arr nut zo schtupid after all???

Top isz King of His Domain of Fooood.
Maybe change his name, Top is going to his head.


Several scritches, pending.
Bottom has a certain ring, Top.
Keep those feet grounded..

fernvalley01 said...

too funny ! rotten bugger , just playing possum till your back was turned.

horspoor said...

Oh, he was just a jewel this eveing. Felt like I was sitting on a timebomb. It started well. Then big trucks came in. Top doesn't like 'jake breaks' apparently. Then he was on pins and needles, which of course put me on pins and needles. UGH. We got through it. Got some good work and called it an evening. He was very very tired. Sleepy eyed boy at the washrack when I was hosing his legs.

nccatnip said...

He is just his own person, HP. You seem to attract that type, don't you?

horspoor said...

Yeah, lucky me. lol

blueheron said...

Oh, Top. He is a special needs horse. Too bad his path has not met up with the best horse people. I hope it isn't too late to turn things around for him. If anyone can do it, you can.