Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Yeah, I've been delinquent. Going to try and do a little catch up here.

Top is doing much better. The peppermint horse treats are a miracle. I will be riding him again tomorrow afternoon. Now I'm starting to back off on the treats. He is a tad pushy about the treats now, so he is now learning patience.

There was a Shagya inspection here on Monday. I helped Elaine get her horses bathed and ready, along with two of my students. My favorite of course scored the highest, worried that he price is now going up. Glad I have good taste, kind of bummed she is no longer under the radar. I guess she is high scoring filly in the nation. (Great. Just great). She scored 8.2. With a 9 for her canter. They went and evaluated her dam KB Salim Fahim (Sally). She scored 8. I guess she is now approved for Shagya, like her full brother Omega Fahim. And of course Sally is my favorite mare, has been for a long time. I believe she is 20 now. Elaine isn't planning to breed her anymore. So, Sequoia and Sitka are the last.

I was contacted by a very nice woman regarding Top. She is looking for a horse. I'm not sure Top is the right horse for her situation. She would like a horse that can be 3rd Level this Spring. Top is probably a Training, or 1st level horse at the moment. I'm not sure he can move that far, that fast. He would also have to be shipped to Texas. From past posts, many of you know how well Top hauls. He's 13 years old now. Not the most solid horse I know. I don't think pushing up through the levels quickly would work out real well. Conditioning alone is going to take some time.

She came out with her husband and son. All very nice. The son is living here in Humboldt and she was out to visit. I told her if she hadn't found a horse, in six months Top would be a far different horse, and she should give me a call. She owns a boarding stables outside of Dallas, and gives lessons. Looking at her website the place is beautiful. She used to live in Europe, and rode and trained there. So, it looked like a great home for him, in theory. Not sure if Top would rise to the occasion. It would be awful to send him halfway across the company and it not work out. Unhappy buyer, unhappy horse. Certainly not a win/win situation.

Hey, it isn't like I couldn't use the money. Damn conscience. lol
The mare in the picture is Sally.


kestrel said...

Hmm, tough call. From what I've heard of Top he may not ever be able to be pushed hard ever again. I have a hunch that's what drove him over the edge. How does he do in a show environment? That would be the tell. Some horses that have fried in the arena will come back, but it takes a sensitive rider who is willing to just pull him if he goes off.

Glad that he's getting pushy about treats! He finally is demanding what he wants instead of internally imploding! It's actually a good stage, because the transition to 'you'll get what you want but you'll have to wait' means that you have tapped into a younger healthier mind. Oh, AND FIRST!

GoLightly said...

Beautiful mare.

Ooops, I thought he was 15.

another memory cell bites the dust.

horspoor said...

I like your thought on if he's perfect the price has just gone up. lol

bhm said...

I second Kestral's comment. I really good to see Top coming along.

nccatnip said...

Yeah for Top. Guess I have good taste also!!!

horspoor said...

I figure if he continues improving at the rate he's going, we'll be showing next season. If he isn't cooked in a show environment.

If I can't find a 'forever' home for him, I'm just going to keep him. I'll have one damn fancy 'advanced lesson' horse.

blueheron said...

Top is going to have a blast on the beach some day...

fernvalley01 said...

Sally is a p[urdy gal! I would trusat your instincts with Top,and sellling , I don't think that dude has too many more "fresh starts" in him