Saturday, February 13, 2010

Maisa's First Carrie Lesson

That's Maisa. He had his first lesson with Carrie today. He kind of looks like he's saying, "I went to Carrie's today. I'm a very good boy. They all thought I was very smart."

In all fairness Maisa is very smart and has a very good mind. Not much bothers him. I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I've seen him spook. Oh, he's aware, he just looks, doesn't get worried. Goofy Arab, don't you think?

With all the insanity that goes on at the barn in town he stays steady. He hasn't been there much. But he seems to take it in like it was 'Horsey TV'. It is there for his entertainment. Sometimes he'll look over at me, like he's looking for some sort of validation, "Can you believe this? Did I really just see that?"

I hadn't ridden, or done anything with Maisa since Christmas time. I pulled him out of the pasture, loaded him in the trailer and headed up to Carrie's. The first thing I did when we got there was to head for the wash rack. Had to hose most of the mud off of him, well his legs and tummy anyway. After he was sort of clean, I tied him to the trailer and knocked the mud off his neck, chest and face. He at least looked sort of presentable.

We went down the hill to the indoor arena. Ran into Cathy on the way. She looks at him, says he cute, but boy does he look like a baby. Well, he does. He's just one of those late bloomers. She asked if I'd be more comfortable in the round pen on him, and that would be no problem for Carrie. I told her I take him down to lunge, see how he was and go with whatever Carrie suggested.

So we 'gumby' ourselves the rest of the way down to the arena. He's got this loose elastic way of going. Looks like slow motion, with all kinds of supple elasticity to him. (He just smokes way too much dope. Think Shaggy on Scooby Doo).

I hook up the balancing reins (Yes GL....Strangler Reins), and put him to work on the lunge while Carrie is finishing up the lesson before me. He just goes to work. Looking around a little, but pretty good.

After we lunge for a bit, I head down to Carrie. She's looking at him. (He's definitely not Top). She asks, "Who's this?" I say, "This is Maisa Fahim." "Oh, it's your baby. He seems pretty settled. Has he been here before?" I say, "No, this is his first time here." Carrie looks more interested, "Really? He's a very good boy isn't he."

So, we lunge some for Carrie. She has me shorten the lines some, push him up more. And states, "Well, you may not have done much with him, but what you have done is very good. You've done a nice job with him." With just a hint keep going, finish the job!!! She's ever nice, but she gets her point across.

We finish lunging. I'm thinking...'okay we're good. either we're done or heading up the hill to the round pen' Carrie says, "Okay, get on." I just looked at her for a moment. She says, "What, he's fine. Get on." I say, "I haven't even sat on him in a month." (yes I lied. I didn't want her to know I hadn't done anything with him since Christmas). I just pulled him out of the pasture, and hosed the mud off of him. "He's fine, get on." (yeesh, this is becoming a reoccurring theme with her, and my horses).

I lead him over to the rail, and hang the side reins, and lunge line there. Go to get on, and stab him in the side with the toe of my boot. Nice...ever graceful. Stella was there, and asked if she could help. I said, if she could just stand on his offside we'd be fine. She did, he was and off we went.

Maisa went pretty well. Struggles with staying between the lines. He'll bow and against your leg, and run through the outside. We worked on that, it did get better. We ended with trot work. He was going pretty good by the end. I usually just post on youngsters. Easier on them. Well, I was struggling with him falling in and out. So, I sat to try and correct our line of travel. He was in a good sized working trot, heading toward a medium. It took no effort to sit at all. I was shocked. It was soft, easy, forward. I don't need no stinking abs. Pilates, schmilates.

I say, "He is so much easier to sit than Top." Carrie, "It looks great, just sit, he does much better with you sitting, now push up a little more...see how he handles it." OMG....EASYBEANS. How cool is this. The more connected, the more forward, the more forward the easier to sit, and the more connected and through he was. I am SOOOOO pleased.

We talked a bit after my lesson. She is really pleased with his mind. Says he is going to be a really fun horse. I said, I realized he probably wouldn't be 'monster horse on the dressage court', but he'd be really competitive Sport Horse. She said, Sport Horse will be no problem for him. It will be very tough for a little half arab to compete against WB's in open dressage, but we have a shot. It is beginning to really show now. This mind seems to really run true. So far (knock wood) all the Omega Fahim babies have been like this. I think I need another one. lol


GoLightly said...


What a clever boy, and what a clever rider, and trainer!

I'll be calling the "Anti-Strangler-Reins Coalition Petition" on ya.



CharlesCityCat said...


When I first started working with Whinnie, I found it easier and that she liked it better if I did a sitting trot. She has a very easy trot to ride.

Good boy Maisa!

fernvalley01 said...

Good Boy MAisa!! sounds like a great ride

horspoor said...

His trot was such a welcome surprise after Top. lol Not that I don't love Top to death mind you. I think if I could get Top as relaxed as Maisa it would be very different. Top's trot isn't as tough as a lot of them, he just has a ton of shove, and he will tighten every now and then. And honestly he's a heck of a lot bigger than Maisa, more movement through the back. But hey, my abs arent sore today like they are after sitting Top for extended periods. lol

kestrel said...

I loooove Maisa! And i have no idea why the dressage judges would prefer a giant grain truck instead of a sports car...I mean come on! A horse like Maisa is supple, fluid, strong, and then add smooooth. Drooling...

It's such a blast to work with a smart calm one that has never been traumatized, and you sure can see that in his intelligent face. And watch him knock the world's socks off when he finishes growing!

horspoor said...

He is really fun. Kind of kicking myself for not riding him more. Oh, yeah...Top the Retread. That's what happened. lol

kestrel said...

Isn't that the way it goes!

nccatnip said...

GLad to hear you had a good ride, you deserve it!!! Maisa on!!!

Padraigin_WA said...

way to go, HP and Maisa! what a sweet, good boy he is. He is trying so hard and must really enjoy having you there as his teammate. Keep up the good work.

nccatnip said...

And Happy Birthday!!! I am sure there is a Happy Birthday song in the key of H somewhere on the web.

GoLightly said...

Is G Sharp an H?

Just sayin;)

Happy BroughtintotheWorldDay, HP.

We're all luckier for it.

Do you want me to sing now?

Sorry, just channeled Annie Lennox.
BOY, did I get in trouble with that song..

D flat, cause Daf is the only one with a name with a note.
Ooops, sorry, Cat/Cami. No brain cells todayyyy.

hugs and hope and all the best for the next year you're here.

I can't sing now, dang Eurhythmics song is in there..

Gail said...

Wonderful, it is always good, to validate what you are doing is correct.

Nice one!

brett said...

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horspoor said...

Well Brett, I'm confused. But hey, it isn't the first time, and I'm sure not the last. lol

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horspoor said...

Allrighty then. Guess I better put together a new post.