Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Laptop What is the Truth?

My boss has a phrase that I really like. When trying to figure out a claim, or just dealing with human beings on a daily basis, "There's your side, my side, and the right side." We all look at situations through our pretty subjective views or filters. It can be tough to be objective.

I get one story from one party, and a very disimilar story fromt he other. There are pieces to the story that match from both parties. Good start, right?

I had originally heard the owner that gave the horse to the girl I got him from couldn't afford him. Was afraid of him. That the first time she saw the girl and the horse, the girl was getting bucked off. That the horse was more of a 'goofy Arab' than a WB. He was spooky, and fearful. That you had to be on the aids. That he was very thin, and in overall bad condition when she got him.

So here is the first email from the girl.

>>Emily probably told you she contacted me about Laptop. It sounds like you are the one for him. I'm so happy! I have been so concerned because I have not been able to get ahold of Robin this whole time and a few months ago I got a stange email from someone saying Laptop was couped up all the time. I was so worried but I knew my gut feeling about Robin was right and that she knows horses, especially ones like him (sensitive). I am so excited that he is in the right hands. I normally don't get rid of animals but I just couldn't afford him. Are you here in Humboldt with him or out of area? If you don't mind I would love to come see you ride him sometime. I don't mind if you'd like some time to get used to him though. How is he? Robin said she could get him more secure or find someone else who could make him a less nervous boy. I guess that's you! I'll forward you the email I sent Emily that has some of his background info that I am aware of. Talk to you soon. By the way, in the video on youtube I had a very severe bit in his mouth. I had left my kimberwik at home and only had my stepdad's western bit. I didn't usually ride him in that. <<

Okay that explains the bit, and possibly the hands.

Then I asked what the true story was, if he had lameness issues etc...

>>Wow, it seems like Robin hasn't been very honest with you and it doesn't seem like he was well cared for. Thank god he's out of there now. Ok here's the deal with Laptop. Years ago now, Rudy Leone owned him and sold him to a young girl. He came back to Rudy absolutely terrified to jump from any long distant, I mean terrified! The only way to get him to jump was to beat him through a course. I worked for Rudy and started riding Lap every day because no one else wanted to. Very slowly he and I bonded and he started jumping again. We literally started with ground pole courses and worked up very slowly. I got him jumping but he was still unsellable as a reliable jumper so Rudy gave him to me. When I left there I took him to my mom's where he became the leader of their 7 horse herd on a 200 acre ranch with endless trails leaving the property in all directions. He is an incredible trail horse and he loves it! My stepdad checked his heart rate once on a long ride and even the fit arabs they were with couldn't compare to Lap's (obviously his lung capacity is bigger though). I sent him to a training stable near the bay area for a woman a little better than beginner to try him out with her trainer to buy. He proved too much for her and apparently bucked her off. I have never seen the horse buck in my life! If he was bad it was never a buck, often a spin when he spooked (ALWAYS to the left) but never a buck. They had him vetted and found arthritis, I think in his left hock?. I talked to many people who said what horse, or person for that matter, doesn't have some arthritis. He has never shown any lameness in my experience, never even one off day. We got him back from that stable and I brought him up here with me when I moved but couldn't afford board and shoeing while I'm in school and paying rent, etc. I rode him on the trails up here where we saw multiple bears and one time came face to face with a roaring dirt bike. I was terrified because we could hear it before it came around the corner but Lap was soooo good and didn't do a thing. I think he was in shock but he didn't spin which he would normally do, watch out for that but maybe Robin got him to stop that. He used to be an extremely insecure horse (dripping sweat out of the trailer or even on a very low key ride) and would spin, to the left, for any and every reason, even if nothing seemed to be scary. Robin said she knew she could get him through that though and sounds like she did. Yes, he needs to eat A LOT. I am sad to hear he was thin and needed floating. He was in great condition when I gave him to her and his feet were good too. I guess I gave him to her 6 months ago or so. I had him on Grand H.A. Synergy powder supplement. Through my research I found that one to be the best for joints. <<

Okay, so this is a pretty good summary of what I see in the horse. He is not unknown to her. She knows his issues, and truly seems concerned about him. When I spoke to her on the phone she seemed very relieved, especially when I told her she was welcome to come and see him anytime. She got rid of him because there was no way she could work, go to school and financially support this horse. It seems like she was being a responsible horse owner, she was trying to find a home for her horse before he was thin and neglected. So, why the song and dance from the other girl. Why the misinformation? Every time one of her dire predictions about this horse is proven wrong she'll switch it and say, "I told you he was fine. He can do this, and this, you know he has tempis....." WTF? When did she say this. Well, I'll know in a month or so if he has tempis. lol


blueheron said...

Somewhere, in between them both, is the real story.
So the first rider in the video is her, right? And the second rider is the one who took him to a training facility to try him out, and got bucked off?
Seems like the person you got him from has an awful lot of ego wrapped up in all of this, as well as many other horse endeavors.

nccatnip said...

I am so glad the first girl is interested and wants to see him. She seems sincere.

What is tempis?

horspoor said...

Tempis are multiple flying lead changes. So, every x amount of strides a flying change. Clear down to 1 stride. 1 tempis are hard. At least for me. lol I like twos. Nice timing for me.

nccatnip said...

looks like the horse is "skipping" or dancing to me.

horspoor said...

Ones especially look like skipping.

nccatnip said...

When with a little more work, you will know his tempisture?

horspoor said...

Yes I will. lol That is funny.

secondwindacres said...

Tempisture. That is funny NCC. I see the hangover you got from hanging out with that goat over at FVs didn't dull your sense of humor!! :)

What an interesting story horspoor. I'm sure the truth is in there someplace, like you said. I think there were some agendas involved and maybe a few omissions happened...not out and out lies, but a failure to disclose everything. Nobody wants to say, 'shit, I really wanted to dump this mess, it was obvious he needed way more time than I wanted to give'.

GoLightly said...

"I sent him to a training stable near the bay area for a woman a little better than beginner to try him out with her trainer to buy. He proved too much for her and apparently bucked her off."

I didn't like the sound of that part, at all. A "little" better than a beginner? In the video he sure wasn't thrilled with second rider..
A kimberwicke?

That part bugs me.
What are people doing to their horses?
Gah, it's so sad.

horspoor said...

I don't think most people realize what a tough bit a Kimberwick can be. Especially one with a broken mouth. They all think they're being nice to their horse with the snaffle mouth piece. I'd rather a mullen on a Kimberwick.

I know that I forget some of my horses are maybe not as forgiving as I think they are. I think it's an easy responsive horse to ride. Someone that is used to a 'thumpier' horse isn't going to think this is such a great thing. Like it does so much good to tell someone your horse is light. They all go, "Oh, yeah I like a light horse."

They get on, their eyes bug out, and they quit breathing. Oh, guess you didn't know what light was? Had a different version of light? Oh...yeah I forgot to mention forward. "She feels like she's going to take off." Response, "She's just walking. Pitch the reins she'll back off." This is so far from their concept of riding they can't release. So their legs get stronger, their contact gets heavier. My mare is rocked back on her hocks, looking light in the front and powering forward. Try and convince somebody to pitch the reins.

She usually ends up hurrying over to where I am, and stopping. She's not brave.

blueheron said...

horspoor, you aren't talking about Cat, now, are you?
First time I saw her go bury her head in you, I just about cried. She's such a sweet, sweet mare. I could hear her going, "Mom, what on earth am I supposed to do?"

Light as a butterfly, she is.

horspoor said...

OH BH, let me send you her latest pics. Not so fat now. The second one looks terrible. She is standing with her hind legs way under her, she looks sickle hocked. Sabrina must have told her to get up there, or something. And it looks like they just got back fromt he beach or something.

blueheron said...

Post that Engine on one of the Cat Tales blogs, or on the next one, okay? That's a tremendous set of haunches.
I agree on the second picture. I actually wasn't sure it was Cat, because the head looks so different- she must have moved her head just a fraction, maybe, looking at her muzzle? lol.
Good Luck, Cat (and rider) in Santa Rosa!