Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well, I forgot I had this blog. So, I'm going to start using it. I'm going to start with posts regarding Top (aka Laptop 9). My latest rescue horse. He's a 16.2h Oldenburg gelding. Bay with 4 white socks. One of my students had rescued him. She and her girlfriend had spent some time with him, and had put quite a bit of weight on him. He still needs about 100lbs. I had a 16h 5 year old buckskin paint. Jasper was a starving and abuse case. He has some real issues. He was coming along pretty good, but still pretty unpredictable. I knew that I had to re home him sooner rather than later because I have a ten year old student that goes through his paddock at least once a day. Jasper had been there for close to two months. Everyday the wheelbarrow with food goes through his paddock with hay, and comes back empty to the barn. This is every day twice a day. I was in the barn watching my student wheel out the food, feed and as she is coming back with the empty wheelbarrow, Jasper spooks. He spooks so hard he hits the ground. All because he saw a wheelbarrow. Oh, not good with kids around.

A few days later I'm talking to my on again off again student. I'm telling her about Jasper. She says, that she really likes him. We go over all his issues. I'm baffled that she likes the horse, but okay. I ask her if she wants him. She asks how much? I tell her I've just started one of mine. If she'll just ride her to walk, trot, canter we have a deal. She's shocked, asks "Is that all? That's it?" Uh yeah. Nothing fancy, just time on the filly, no hurry. Deal.

Well, they have Laptop. They hate Laptop. (poor guy) They don't have room for Jasper, until Laptop gets a new home. Okay, no big. Call me when you find Laptop a home. So a month or so down the road, one of the girls calls me. Asks, so do you want Laptop? Uh, not really, why? Well, we can't seem to get rid of him, and we don't have a spot for Jasper until he's gone. So, if you'll take Laptop, we can take Jasper. Lets see...hmmmm? Psycho paint gelding, that runs backwards kicking at other horses, through a fence. Falls down when scared? Or an underweight WB, that has issues with manners, and being a giant Arab? HMMM....Yeah, I'll take the WB.

They picked Jasper up in the morning, and dropped Top off in the afternoon.

Laptop is a huge goober. OMG. He has no herd sense. Cant walk without sliding if it is slick at all. I find myself calling him Dork Boy. How terrible is that. I say things like, "Hey sweetie, hows my dork boy." He's all big doe eyes, happy to see you.

I had him in my small pen (100' x 150') across the fence from my horses for 3 weeks. I had everybody out of the field except Cami. Since Cat is at Sabrina's, Cami is queen at the moment. So, I catch Top, lead him into the pasture. I take him over to meet Cami. They greet, smell noses are quiet and seem fine. Cami walks a little ways off and starts to graze. So, I stand there holding the lead, letting Top graze. We do this for 5 or so minutes. I then unclip the lead, and he continues to graze for another 5 to 10 minutes with me standing there. Suddenly his head pops up, he looks around, sees Cami and runs towards her at full tilt. Scares the crap out of Cami who takes off. Now he isn't running after her like he's chasing her to be mean. He's running after her like he's trying to catch up. Cami is flying...she runs up to the barn, sits, slides does a rollback and is out of there. Top right on her heels tries to duplicate the move. You know, big warmbloods really don't rollback like a cutting bred qtr horse. He fell down so hard. Hopped up, looking surprised, and right back after Cami. I call Cami, and she runs over and hides behind me. Top comes trotting up and stops right in front of me, looking at me, "so, what are we gonna do now?" I clipped the lead line back on, and said you're going back in the pen. I then grabbed my 20 year old qtr mare, and put her in with him for manners and company.

He still makes goo goo eyes at Cami whenever she's around. He thinks she's beautiful.


nccatnip said...


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I think I love top. How about a pic?

horspoor said...

That is Top in my avatar.

horspoor said...

Let me get a head shot for you.

GoLightly said...

aaaaaghhh, I give UP!!!!!!

NO BLACK background, I can't read it!
Srsly, it really hurts my eyes.

TrainerX changed her blog for me, FCS. It was a BERRY generous nice thing to do.
Could you PLEASE get RID of the black background/white letters, please, oh PRETTY please????

Horspoor, don't you even see me?

I must be invisible to this woman.
I think I'll troll her.

No, I can't, I smile too much, it's annoying.

Um, I have a stallyun for breading.

or not

Call Coppola, see if I care.
I am, after all, Paris.
Hilton,you GOOP. Gah, you remind me of my cousin, the trainer in wherever she is now.
I Have money everywhere I look.
Fame, fortune and the
I'll shaddup.

Do you have horses?

horspoor said...

Okay, I think the black is pretty. It is what must have just come up. Give me a few to figure out how to change it.

horspoor said...

Do I have horses. I thought this was a sim deal? Do you mean you people have real horses?

GoLightly said...

I know you have horses. I was kidding.
You are a very literal person, HP, I think that's what I like about you the most.
Thanks, that's better.
I'll try to be quiet, and read now.
Sorry, it really hurts my eyes.


GoLightly said...

Okay, and I just made a COMPLETE and utter arse of myself. Nothing new there.
I read your post wrong. Duh. BIG duh.
I am the most literal person I know,now.

Boy, oh boy.

Yassir, I have a harse named Butch. Come over and see us sometime.
NCC,get UP, already.
I'm reading now, be quiet.

nccatnip said...

Jeez, color change, huh? I had to do paragraphs.

fernvalley01 said...

Too funny ,the instant romance !
Glad you updated, looking forward to readinf more about your goofy dude

horspoor said...

What do you mean, you had to do paragraphs?

nccatnip said...

GL is very, very particular in her blog layout preferences in case hadn't noticed. She likes lots of paragraphs and indentions. You'll see.

GoLightly said...

oh stop. red faced, hokay..

You actually talked to me,I think. OMG.
OMG. (swoons)

See, I find ya hard to follow, HP girl.
It's actually a little easier to read it here on the comments..

I LOVE black on white back ground. duh, GL, shoulda/couda done that in the FIRST place.
Okay, I yam snivelling.
I am hungry, I will eat.

I am jealous of HP, hokay?
But wow, how hard I know you work, and yet. You write just like my cousin talks.
Well, just wow.

I worked for a guy with a couple ancient old donkeys, triple fat rolls on their necks. They were allowed to run loose all over the yes folks, unfenced property. I was mucking behind one, (they of course hung out in the barn, and crapped all over everything) and asked him with a tap to move, not realizing he was sleeping. Poor oldbugger, he fell right over in surprise. Yeah, I did feel bad.

Humph, starlet. WHAT is Paris's buddies name, Nicole Ritchie, right!

You still haven't gone to my blog.

lol, oh god, ncc...
I am really annoying, eh?
who knew, it was true!

More HP.

To Top, and Cami, and Jasper and
See I get confused with these Sabrina's and Cats.
don't ask me why.

To HorsPoor
Tell us your thoughts on where training should be going today?
Why has it gotten where it is?

That's gonna be the good stuff, too, but more horse anything, is good.

SHUT up, okay, I should.....

nccatnip said...

HP- you might regret this.

CharlesCityCat said...


Sounds like you got the funny farm trolling your blog.

Or maybe the peanut gallery.

horspoor said...

Okay, I might regret what? What have I done?

blueheron said...

You might regret giving your troll a place to troll. lol.

Love the stories. Hope you do more.

horspoor said...

Ah, if she gets too troll-like I will punish her by switching it back to black background with white writing. Evil, I know. But you gotta do, what ya gotta do.

horspoor said...

ooohhh that Ber? Why is he so on the forehand? Was the footing bad?

blueheron said...

Yes, bad footing. Slippery in some spots, frozen in others. Might also be canted a bit, because I was holding camera in one hand, sideways. lol.

But, he was definitely not moving the way we want him to.

GoLightly said...

Yeah, how is Ber?
I'm being good now.

Sharpeyes ya got, HP.
I will never fill up 25 comment boxes. again.

really.. (no sniveling, I'm skeered of HP). Going back to black, well, I'll shaddup. troll, fail.

blueheron said...

Here's a different picture.

horspoor said...

Yeah, anymore Golighty I see way better than I ride. You know, when you were a kid, and people would say, I wish I knew then, what I know now....sheesh how true that turn out to be.

horspoor said...

Yeah better, but (I know, always a but) he can go better. You need to point the lunge whip at his middle, and keep a light contact on the line...then as he stands up better, a little more push from behind.

horspoor said...

He's kind of shoving/dropping the right shoulder.

horspoor said...

how do you spell shoving? shuving?

blueheron said...

Shoving is spelled shoving.

Okay. That is good to know. And this picture is going his good way. Augh.

For the record, I remember sending you these pictures and asking how they looked, and you said, "Fine. They look fine." lol. Must have been a stressy day. lol. Or you'd just gotten off the phone with an annoying student. Ha.

horspoor said...

Well, it probably doesnt help that I've been lunging Top and Maisa. lol Poor Ber.

blueheron said...

Ber is in a class by himself, yes indeed. Drafthorse/Yak/Thoroughbred. And I love him dearly. I want him to be the best he can be, so never hesitate to say what you see. It always helps me.

I must say that his obstinate resistance to direction has all but disappeared. Have been having a lot of fun working with him. Not sure if it is having the two of them together, and working them in front of each other, or what. He's just very, very pleased when he does the right thing.

nccatnip said...

BH- maybe Ber is in his happy place?

Check out HP- one day back to blogging and she's cracking the whip! Ha!

blueheron said...

Ber in his happy place. What a nice thought. He's a good boy, no matter what horspoor might tell you about his early years...

I think we should post pics of horses, and have HP do conformation critiques!

horspoor said...

Ber was a shit (I think I said he was a dick). He's certainly changed. I don't how much of it was pain, looking back on it. With the lameness, sore issues he used to have. There was a space of about two weeks where I thought...'he's going to hurt her, he needs to go.' But he turned the corner, and only has little short lived dicky moments now. lol

nccatnip said...

HP- he was just working it out. He just loves his BH and that is all there is too it.

horspoor said...

He's kind of a goober NCC. Busy. Everything in his mouth. Wiggles around and paws when tied. Of course none of my horses do that. lol

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