Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So How's Your Day Going?

Top seems to be truly over his cellulitis. Hopefully, I will find time to work and ride him tomorrow. Will have to see what comes up. Cat is home. Not exactly in the condition I expected. Okay, not at all in the condition I expected. She has a gash over her left eye that looks like it should have had a couple stitches, and has been healing for awhile. She is lame at the walk, and her feet look like hell. She is mentally a basket case.

I don't know how many re-treads this mare has in her. Of all horses to have it go bad for...shit. I'm pissed. My friend that had her has a ton on her plate at the moment, serious tough crap on her plate. It doesn't excuse the condition of my mare, but now is probably not the time to talk to her about it.

Cat is almost as worried as she was when I first got her. It took over 10 minutes to get her to stop hurrying away from me, stop and put a halter on her. Well, actually you don't put the halter on Cat. You stand at her left shoulder, open the halter and say..."Put your head in here." I have no idea how I'm going to get a bridle on. Yup, we're back to less than zero.

I had the chiropractor out and he adjusted her today. He was shocked at how lame, and the condition she was in physically as well as mentally. She was out all over the place. More of, 'where isn't she out'.

Hopefully, my farrier can get to her tomorrow. I asked if I should try and clean the feet up as best I could. Nope, he said leave him with as much to work with as possible. He usually says, yeah, go for it. I'm pretty decent at trims, but when I described her feet he was concerned.

She's moving better after the adjustment from the chiropractor. A little swing to her back, and some reach. I've never had this mare lame except for abcesses, sore feet, or when she took down the side of an old growth barn when I first got her, or the time a friend's mare kicked the crap out of her and cracked some ribs.

I'll have to write the story of why she bashed herself out of the barn another time.


nccatnip said...

I am so sorry. It is always tough where friends are involved and the animals suffer. Scritches from me. Only in non-ouchy spots, please.

BTW- have you ever tried reiki?

GoLightly said...

Yay, for Top!

Scritches and gentle rubs for Cat.

Sorry to hear that she's regressed.

At least, you have her back.
She's safe, now.

wilsonc said...

I'm glad you have your horse back safe at home with you.

horspoor said...

Irritated with myself as much as with her. She was hinting about running Cat's daughter once I got her going. Uh no, I don't think so.

If I want the filly to be a barrel horse once I get her going there is always a rider. Sounds cold, but there are more riders than good horses, or trainers. So, I get to pick. Maybe I wont pick anyone and Iris can just be a trail horse, or something. At this moment I don't care. She doesn't have to compete. Screw it.

I put Iris and Cat in the pen together. Cat seems to be a little better. She'll let me do anything I want to her, as long as I dont try to 'catch' her. Baby steps, right? Iris is of course in the middle of everything. I was cleaning out Cat's feet. Iris comes up, and rests her head on my shoulder with her nose in my neck. Thanks a lot Iris. I don't know if she's helping or supervising.

nccatnip said...

Supervising. For sure.

Dena said...


That sucks...I like the way you put that about not knowing how many retreads she has left in her.

That is why I still have the yellow horse.
I don't think he has any.

Very kind and generous of you to be willing to have understanding for your friends situation.
Glad to see that understanding encompasses not another one of mine.

secondwindacres said...

I'm so very glad that Top is better. Fingers crossed that he stays that way.

I'm glad Cat is home. I missed her story. But I sure am glad she's back with you. She has room for another retread, and I'm sure you're the person to do it. Like you said, baby steps. Sounds like she's made some strides since she's been home this short time. Fingers double crossed for Cat.

I love how Iris came to supervise and support you while you were working on Cat. That is neat. I agree that you can have your pick of riders for Iris, why settle? Is she the filly you and BH call Iris the Virus? Funny girl.

horspoor said...

Yes, Iris is Iris the Virus. She is a prima donna. She's very much 'its all about me' kind of girl. lol

I'll make her my avatar. She's perfect...ask her. lol

horspoor said...

That is Iris the Virus and a student. A very good student by the way. The kind you want to have. Few and far between. Uh...I'll stop. She may read this. lol I'll tell you guys somewhere else about her. Can't have no swollen heads, don't ya know.

horspoor said...

Oh, she may not want her pic on the internet....Wait I'll find another Iris pic.

horspoor said...

Cat was much better this evening. Met me at the gate. Wanted her neck scratched. Was very friendly. How much of that is relaxing because she's home, and how much of it is dinner time? lol

nccatnip said...

hp- I feel she will be fine. It will be quicker than you think. Promise. She will do it for you.

GoLightly said...

Yup, a lot of it is you, HP.

blueheron said...

Good luck with Tuck- light a fire under him, or something. lol. I wish I was there to help. Tell your kid he needs to go spend some time with "his" horse. lol. She may need some of his attention.
Hopefully every day will be better for her, as she detoxes.

And have fun with Top. I'm so glad he weathered this so well.