Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top's Second Carrie Lesson

Well, as soon as I get him away from the stable in town, he settles. He really likes it at the trainer's place. He still is sweaty when he comes out of the trailer, but he wasn't white foam this time. So, some improvement. He does not haul well. He goes right in as we're leaving, he does not want to get in to go home. And he kicks and bangs around most of the ride. UGH. But he comes out nicely. Odd, very odd. I think I'm going to make a point of arriving at least an hour early for my lesson. He needs the adjustment period, as well as the drying time. lol

I let him stand at the trailer for awhile. He was itchy and about rubbed his halter off his head. It was hanging by an ear. Medium was too small, large is too big. Crap. I groomed him for about 15-20 minutes. Lots of hair coming off. His brand is starting to show. Tacked him up, he is starting to get too round for the 22" girth (how sad is it that a horse that is between 16.1-16.2h can even fit in a 22" dressage girth). We're moving up to the big 24" girth. Woohoo. He's also starting to outgrow the 76" blankets, need to get him some 78" ones. Cami will be happy to have her clothes back, if they aren't totally destroyed.

I lunged him. No problems. Easy canter departs, no spooks, no jumps. Even started to relax and stretch over the topline. Big progress for tension boy. We were in the outdoor yesterday so I walked him around to look at things before my ride. Lots to see. He settled quickly.

I still had Teri stand by him while I got on. It seems to help both him and me. We strolled around for bit, then Carrie said, "Okay, pick him up, lets go." No problem, no resistance. We went back on the riding a diamond. Every time he'd get strong, lose his neck we'd halt. Hold until he gave, relax, and then walk again. Then we moved to the trot. He was going really nicely. Has a tendency to want to lean on the right leg, whether it's the inside or the outside. We discussed that. When he'd get too strong, or out of position, halt, hold till he gives, relax and move on. If he gets out of position at all, fix it at the halt then move on.

I was going to try and ride him through it as before, but Carrie said not too. That he couldn't take it, he had plenty of forward when on...that he need to stop, regroup and go again. Not a problem for me. lol I'm used to the...okay forward, don't let them do that, just ride through it, it will come. Not for Top. He's too insecure.

We pretty much had a handle on both our positions and we're feeling confident. We're going along at a really nice working trot, he's feeling all uphill and squishy, I'm loving it. Carries says, "And walk, now walk to canter departure." I said, "No." Carrie, "Walk to canter, now." Oh, just fine. Got my bad self organized, inside leg on, outside leg maybe 1/2" back and was beautiful. He departs from behind, and just strides into it. We both improved when I decided stretching up might be warranted. lol

The canter is clean with good jump in it. Really nice. Then canter to walk transition. I'd love to say it was the horse, but I dropped him on his head. It felt like falling off a cliff. I slammed down on his back. I felt bad, petted him told him, "Sorry Top, my fault." Then said so everyone could hear, "I guess it might be a good idea to ride the downward transition." We got better. He's a pretty good boy, I just need to ride him. You are always told, 'ride every stride'. Well, with Top, you ride every stride, no sloppiness allowed.

We were cantering along, and something in my hip popped. I suddenly sat alittle deeper, felt alittle straighter. So, I of course announce, "Something just popped in my hip, I can sit deeper." Carrie just shook her head. Back to up and down. He never quit me, unless I quit riding. If you're on, he's on. He does get a little heavy in the connection, but that may just be him. We'll see.
The pictures added are not of the Carrie lesson. They are older pics. I need to take some more pictures.


GoLightly said...

First on the second:)
Sounds like the day improved, today.
Love the descriptions, love the quality of riding, love iT!!! Carrie sounds very wise and kind.
Lap is gorgeous, I'm so glad you posted the video, I can "almost" see the lesson and you riding. CooL.
You do such great !!

Loved the "falling off a cliff" comment. When I was first riding at Raven's, I rode the chestnut, and I'm ReallY out of shape, hugely. He trips on his right, a tiny bit, during a downward. My right shoulder just about popped right out:) Yeah, shoulders back is for SucH a good reason....
GoLight, you idiot, (GL 2me).
Love the canter depart. YeS. I loved those, in my day.
Nuthin' sweeter.

If you're on, he's on.
Bleedin' brilliant:)
To LapTop & HorsPoor
Gr8 Job!

The LapTop needs a cold boot LOL!!
(I mean when carrie sez to whoa, and re-group, re-charge, re-sort)

Good thing the fire didn't go out:)
Hope NCC doesn't mind that I used part of her house for kindling..

horspoor said...

What video? Am I being thick again?

He really is a fun horse. Quite sweet really. Makes you wonder what the hell went on previously.

nccatnip said...

Thick here again- but I think you are on your way to figuring him out. The trailering thing is puzzling, though.
I think GL is referring to the video you found awhile back. Helps visualize him. To me at least.

blueheron said...

Oh, I'm just loving the descriptions. Good writing, my friend! I can see the lesson, see you riding. Sounds like Top is enjoying this as much as you are.

horspoor said...

Oh...I get it. lol Except he had more weight on him then. Let me find a pic of him.

nccatnip said...

hp- what is this breed like as a rule? I have never come across one.

horspoor said...

Well, he doesn't seem to be the typical WB to me. Most of the WB's I've been around are a tad on the cold side. But I guess the jumpers aren't.

Top is really kind of like a giant Arab. Not a bad thing, just kind of unexpected.

Not really sure what the average Oldenburg is like.

Having trouble locating my Top pics. You'll have to make due with Maisa Fahim.

horspoor said...

okay, added some old Top pictures to the blog. I really need to take some more current pics of him.

GoLightly said...

NCC, always understands me.


And thanks for the pics, he is a giant Ayrab, he's lovely..

horspoor said...

I'm rather partial to nice Arabs. My friend Teri said we're just going to tell people he's an imported Russian Arab. lol

I don't think they'll let me in at the Sport Horse Nationals with him. Maisa is going to have to be the one. Top is certainly great prepartion for Maisa's training. I'll ride better.

blueheron said...

omg. I had forgotten how striking he was, when he moved. And that was before he picked up weight in town. I can' wait to see what he looks like, now!
Quite the trader, aren't you? Paint for Oldenburg. Yeah, who got the better end of that deal? lol

nccatnip said...

I like him. His wiring is just a bit twisted. You will work that out.

horspoor said...

I'm not sure how twisted his wiring is. We'll find out as he gets a little pressure put on him. We'll see if he holds.

Carrie is great. I always leave a lesson wanting to go ride my horse. I don't know of a better recommendation to give a trainer.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a great lesson! the "my hip popped" comment had me smiling I have been there it is one of those "aha " moments when you just sit down and ride movement of the horse (does that make sense) Top sounds like a great horse and his mixed up wiring will surely mend

secondwindacres said...

Great descriptions horspoor. Sure sounds like you are well on your way to understanding Top as he is now. Without knowing what kind of hell he's gone through previously all you can do is work with what he presents to you and go from there. I think he will learn that you and Carrie are NOT his previous experience and the trust will come. :) He's beautiful.

Dena said...

HP I love the way that horse uses his ass... I mean his
Jealous. Seriously. Oh well, I already had the green eyes.
Didja get the saddle or what? I have to know. I thought it might be wide but it seemed like a steal and no loss through paypal.
I am going to up the ante here.
2 minis, 1 super faaassst long yearling, and let me see, oh what the hell, a beautiful mule. Are we getting close?

horspoor said...

Dena, wait till you see him really engage the hindquarters. I don't have any pictures of it yet. This boy can move. I was very pleasantly surprised.

kestrel said...

Oh man, purdy boy!

Dena said...

I can't wait. I just can't wait. I hate waiting.
Yeah, that is why I am up to my eyeballs in young stuff.
He looks like such an amazing dance partner.
I am telling you when I take all the goat hair off and put the iron on Missy Thing you are going to be saying, "Why Oh Why didn't I take Dena up on that trade Oh woes me".
Yeah right sure.
I am going to keep telling myself that.
LOL I think the when monkeys fly out my butt pretty much covered both our feelings on the subject.
I want him. You could get me to speak that language over that horse.
Me and Laptop engaged in a series of Capriolles today.
Our Piaffe? Oh we mastered that eons ago.
See HP? Don't look at it as giving up a horse. Look at it as helping out a special needs rider.
C'mon give him would ya?