Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cat the Brat

I rode Cat today. She seems to be sound, well at least at the walk. Interesting that the person that had been riding her said she wouldn't walk, she jigged everywhere. Couldn't ride her on a loose rein, that she'd take off. This was not my experience today. Today was the first day I'd ridden her since she's been home. (It was the first day she didn't appear dog lame since she's been home). I didn't even really lunge her. Had her walk around me 4 times each direction, and got on.

She had a hard time standing still for me to mount. Once she stood I got on. She then wanted to walk off immediately. Uh, no that's not allowed. You stand and wait quietly while I get my old fat self arranged, thank you very much. No problem she waited.

When we started to walk, she did want to hurry. Took a light contact and stopped my seat. She stopped. Although, she now throws her head up at every halt, even with the reins pitched. Nice, I just love that. When you ask her to move forward, she wants to hurry and throw her head up. So, I maintained the contact, and departed from the halt to walk in left bend. That helped her keep it together. She departed quietly without throwing her head or hurrying.

I rode around for a little while, with contact and on a loose swinging rein. When she could make three circles and halt without throwing her head I got off. Loosened the cinch and led her to the trailer to untack. Brushed her down, and let her graze for about 45minutes to an hour.

I also wonder what happened to her mane and tail? Her mane used to be past the point of her shoulder, it's now even with her neck, just an inch below her throat. Her tail, that was a big full bell to the ground is tapered and even with her hocks. What the hell?

I guess we'll see how she goes tomorrow under saddle. Still worried about being caught and haltered. Was pretty good about her bridle.


GoLightly said...

Pretty Kitty Cat:)

She'll stop hissing/spitting the more YOU ride her.


and, um,


fernvalley01 said...

The diference appears to me that you ride with your body (seat leg balance ...hands) and I suspect the person riding her before was a (I have used this term before ) numb bum = heels and hands only.
Where was she?

horspoor said...

FV, funny you should say that. That is exactly what my friend Teri said this morning when I was telling her about it. She said she'd riding with her hands....front to back, rather than back to front. hmmmm Great minds, huh?

nccatnip said...

I cannot tell you why she is doing anything but I am very glad she is back home with you.

blueheron said...

If Cat is anything, she's a survivor, I'd say. I am so glad she's settling in. Let us know when you take her up to the arena.

What did happen to her mane and tail? Was it just getting brushed all the time, so the hair got pulled out? That's what I was thinking. Not using detangler, just ripping it out?

horspoor said...

I don't know what happened to her mane and tail. Maisa had already started ruining her tail, but wasn't nearly that bad. Remember he feathered the edges for her. Gawd, he's a pain.

blueheron said...

Yeah, you're aloud to be a pain when you have a '10' canter. lol.
Mark my words, when he's 9 or 10 years old, he is going to be magnificent. One of those late bloomers who comes into his own and knocks the socks off of everyone!