Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend......Failure all Around

I didn't get to have my lessons with Top this weekend. I pulled him out of the trailer, and he was lame on all four. My farrier had trimmed him too close. He was fine in his cushy pen, and in the rubber arena...not so good on rocky ground. Called it. Didn't want to cause any damage with inflammation (yeah all I need is a case of road founder). Hosed his feet off up there. One of the ladies grabbed some bute, let him hang out for 20 or so minutes and took him home. CRAP.

He's a party animal at home. Cushy ground in a student's pen, next to what he thinks is the absolutely most beautiful mare he's ever seen. Play and jump and rocket around. Great Top. Just great. You're supposed to be taking it easy on your feet.

After I took Top home I was to meet his previous owner at my pasture. She met one of my students at a local landmark to follow her up to the pasture. It can be tough to find the first time.

I like the girl. It is kind of humorous that she keeps telling how difficult Top is. How he needs to be this or that. How I really wont want to ride him if he hasn't been ridden for awhile, and hasn't been out, or lunged a bunch. That even if he looks calm on the lunge, he may not really be. That's he's really hot etc. I guess it's all in what your used to, and what you know. What seems normal to one person/rider isn't going to feel the same to another.

Okay, I may be a pudgy old woman but Top really hasn't shown me any real difficulties, or exceptional heat. He worries, he's insecure, but hot? Ummmm, not so much. It probably didn't help that I pulled Maisa out to ride. He was not going to go. I felt like I was riding a giant Shetland pony. Kick kick kick....move please move. I'm not talking about impulsion, or being forward...I'm talking please freaken take a step. lol Mr Ambitious. I'm going to buy him Red Cell, I swear. A fly would land on him...slam on the breaks...bite at the fly, sling your head, refuse to move. We have to work on going forward, nicely and consistently. He hasn't done this since he was first started under saddle. Probably shouldn't have let him sit so long.

So, I'm sure this girl thinks "Poor old woman, can't ride, can't make her horse go. Top is going to kill her." Oh well. Maybe it will go better for this old woman the next time she comes out. lol

I had her ride Cami. She actually did pretty good. She rides light. Tends to head a little toward a chair seat, but not horrible. She isn't bad with her hands, and she goes right to work. Cami was in shock. lol She's only used to going like that when I'm on her. She figures..."Sweet, new student...coast day." She was puffing. The girl actually got her going pretty good. At one point, Cami pulled herself together, engaged, on the bit, forward....and the girl says..."Oh she does know this." Uh, yeah....she just wants you to work for gotta be in position, and you have to be clear, not nagging in your request. lol


CharlesCityCat said...

My old farrier used to cut Whinnie short every time he did her. Used to piss me off to no end. We mentioned this several times, but she would still be off for a couple of days. The new farrier never does that.

fernvalley01 said...

Don't you just love it when your horse makes you look ineffectual? My old girl would every now and again have "OMG did you see that hairy monster moment " but only when I was in front of people I had just met and often when I was extolling her virtues as being +++ quiet and settled.

CharlesCityCat said...


It almost never fails, horses, dogs, kids, they are going to find a way to embarass the hell out of you in front of people.

Hope my Alpacas do better, teehee!!

blueheron said...

Beautiful picture of Cami. Gosh I love that horse. The offer for her to come stay in Idaho still stands...LOL.

I'm glad she had a good ride with Top's former owner. In your description of how Cami made her work for it, it reminded me of Shad a bit.

horspoor said...

With age Cami is becoming more opinionated. If you can't ride...she wont go correctly. If you are out of position, she'll travel in the position you're in. If you ask for a trot, and sit there like a passenger...she'll jog.

nccatnip said...

How pretty is that face?
Hop Top gets better soon and STAYS out of trouble impressing those girls.

blueheron said...

Hey, Cami's eyes aren't crooked anymore. At least in that pic they aren't. Wow.
She's really gorgeous, horspoor...

GoLightly said...

Oh, what a lovely face on Cami.

Schooling Master!

Poor Top.
Foot-sore is not fun.

Hope his feet callus up quick!

bhm said...

Cami's lovely, such a beautiful face. Of course, Top is just the cutest thing that I've seen in a long while.

It's interesting how Top acts differently with you. What are your thoughts on why that is?

horspoor said...

Hmmm Bhm,

I never really thought about it. I guess it's because I slow down and wait for him. I don't get mad at him. I try to make sure things make sense for him. He's easily distracted, you have to redirect him a lot. I just act like I have 500 years...that it doesn't matter how long it takes. I also like him, and I think he knows I like him. Have no idea if that counts for horses.

bhm said...

That makes perfect senses. I could see Top getting worried if he's feeling rushed. Thanks for the great insight.